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Client Feedback

Jennifer Moalem“I first worked closely with Bradley in the 1990s when he built and hosted a large web site project for a magazine company I was with. He was easy to work with and delivered on the concepts we’d provided in the brief. When I needed to create web sites for my own business several years later, I contacted him again and we’ve been in regular contact ever since. He has been a great business ally, extremely patient with my ‘creative’ ideas, especially when I don’t understand what’s involved on the technical side, and always able to find a solution within budget. And most importantly, he has been available to do updates when required. On the rare occasions when there’s been a technical ‘glitch’ it has been quickly resolved.”

– Jennifer Moalem - http://jennifermoalem.com

When I decided that I needed a website for the charity event “BMX FOR FLOODS” I contacted EPear HostAndGrow Web Hosting and asked if they would do a great things and host the site for free as it was for a charity of great importance.

From our point we are really happy to have a website up and hosted by an Australian company.

I have direct contact with the people needed to get any problems solved in a timely manner. One call and I’m talking to the right person, no “I’ll switch you to the right department”; direct and right there.

Glad to have that kind of support for such an important website.

Shaun Jarvis from BMX For Floods

– Shaun Jarvis - http://bmxforfloods.com